Win Hooper

I know only recently I said I would be absent from here, which I am(!), but I have a query, and this community seems like the place where I am most likely to find the answer! I am staying with my Grandmother at the moment in South Africa, and she has just given me a delightful present for my 21st birthday. She has found 4 prints of azaleas by an artist called Win Hooper. She is a Zimbabwean artist, and unfortunately that is all I know and can seem to find out about her! If anyone knows anymore about her then please comment! The only information/photos that I can find are on this website ( )

I can upload a photo of my prints eventually but unfortunately not on this computer!

I can’t wait to see if anyone knows more than I do about her! Thank you!


South Africa

I am going to be rather distant from my blog (unfortunately) over the next few weeks! I have just arrived in South Africa to stay with my family for a month. Hopefully… it is my plan anyway.. I will have lots to post when I get home, with any work that I have managed to do!! So I will be back on here in 4 weeks time!

Agapanthus in progress.

This is a piece that, again, I have been working on for a while. I was lucky enough to be invited on a wonderful holiday with one of my friends to Tresco, and island in the Isles of Scilly. A beautiful place, and in peak summer Agapanthus are in full bloom.

I decided that these would make a challenging, but wonderful subject. I started with a pencil drawing from life, and then made of copy with tracing paper using a fine ink pen. I like having an ink drawing, as well as the origninal drawing, on tracing paper as not only can I use the drawings again, but I can also superimpose them onto my work as I paint to ‘check’ that everything is going right! The photo is a crop of the entire composition, which includes the long stem, and I potentially may add in some leaves.

Below are two photos of the work in progress. I started with the stems, as I wanted to make sure that they were perfect before I moved onto the flowers and buds.

I hope you like it! I will upload more photos as I go.

Thank you

I forgot in my last post – I wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s viewed/liked/commented on my work, and all of you following my blog now! I can’t quite believe I’ve had over 250 visits to my page in 3 days! I thought only my Mum and Dad would be looking at it! Its really appreciated… and I’m stunned!

Strawberry Study

Today I wanted to do a small study to keep me occupied during the Wimbledon Ladies Final! I chose a strawberry to keep with the Wimbledon theme. I remembered to take photos as I worked this time – but again, I apologise for the quality. I need to find a method of scanning inbetween taking photographs and getting a professional print! Anyway – here it is!

And then the final version of the study…

Dried Hydrangea


I have been working on this piece for what feels like a very long time now. I started it in my Easter break, and then haven’t had a chance to sit down and finish it until today. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out! I love picking unusual subjects, and although I really enjoyed painting this dried hydrangea, my next task will be trying to capture all the beautiful colours in the plant in its prime! Again, the pictures are just taken with my camera, and for some reason the paper appears to be distorted – I can’t wait to head to the printers to get a good print taken – so I apologise for the quality! Hopefully you can still get the idea from these photos. This is the biggest subject and piece that I’ve attempted, so I hope you like it!

Bramble Leaf

I have a real soft spot for this painting! While walking in the Common in Southampton I walked past hundreds of bramble bushes, but the colours of the leaves when the light shines through caught my eye. When I looked closer and saw the variety and intesity of the colours – I knew I had to take it home and paint it! I worked on it for about 5 evenings after lectures – and it was one of my first ever paintings to be exhibited and go on sale!

Ivy leaf

I have a little thing for Ivy leaves, as it was the subject for my first ever botanical painting. With little time to paint at university, I like to choose subjects which are quick, but still fun to execute! The painting below isn’t my first ever painting, but one I worked on in my bedroom over 2 or 3 evenings last year!