Dried Hydrangea


I have been working on this piece for what feels like a very long time now. I started it in my Easter break, and then haven’t had a chance to sit down and finish it until today. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out! I love picking unusual subjects, and although I really enjoyed painting this dried hydrangea, my next task will be trying to capture all the beautiful colours in the plant in its prime! Again, the pictures are just taken with my camera, and for some reason the paper appears to be distorted – I can’t wait to head to the printers to get a good print taken – so I apologise for the quality! Hopefully you can still get the idea from these photos. This is the biggest subject and piece that I’ve attempted, so I hope you like it!


23 thoughts on “Dried Hydrangea

  1. Beautiful…I am enjoying your blog very much =) The distortion you see on your piece may be from the lights…some lamps strobe and create a pattern that we can’t see but the camera picks it up. If you have a safe place outside away from lamps you’ll get rid of the rolling shadows…hope this is useful =)

  2. Whoa, I really like this painting! I have a gorgeous hydrangea bush in my backyard, except the blooms are blue, not pink. It must’ve taken ample time and effort, as the details are just so intricate. Congratulations on your special talent!

  3. I actually have been interested in the same area, always find the time to draw molecules and plants at my science classes, and I have to say there are gorgeous.
    Absolutly in love with your work, looking forward for more*

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