Strawberry Study

Today I wanted to do a small study to keep me occupied during the Wimbledon Ladies Final! I chose a strawberry to keep with the Wimbledon theme. I remembered to take photos as I worked this time – but again, I apologise for the quality. I need to find a method of scanning inbetween taking photographs and getting a professional print! Anyway – here it is!

And then the final version of the study…


26 thoughts on “Strawberry Study

  1. How lovely! I’m not a fan of strawberry, believe it or not. But I always love strawberry as a prop or an object of something beautiful. Thanks for your comment for my blog. I truly appreciate it, Helen.

  2. Thanks for coming by my blog, and welcome to blogging! Does your printer have a scanner? My printer is a combination printer/scanner/fax machine, and I get good quality digital files by putting the picture face down on the glass and scanning to my computer. It’s a lot easier than taking a photo and for small pieces that fit on the glass, it gives good quality, especially for blogging.
    You do beautiful botanical studies! Would you include the size of the work, please?

    • Thank you for your advice! I do have a scanner but unfortunately it’s very small and will only take max A4 size paper. I will look into getting a larger one perhaps!.And yes I shall put up the size of my work – thank you for reminding me!

  3. Oh, very yummy strawberry! It makes me hungry for them. And that means it is very well represented in your art.
    I enjoy your work on each post you have made so far. Keep sharing! The best ones for me would show stages of progress, as I have yet to paint since kindergarden and am just now getting ready to play with a little simple (child’s type) set of watercolors.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely worlk!

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