Win Hooper

I know only recently I said I would be absent from here, which I am(!), but I have a query, and this community seems like the place where I am most likely to find the answer! I am staying with my Grandmother at the moment in South Africa, and she has just given me a delightful present for my 21st birthday. She has found 4 prints of azaleas by an artist called Win Hooper. She is a Zimbabwean artist, and unfortunately that is all I know and can seem to find out about her! If anyone knows anymore about her then please comment! The only information/photos that I can find are on this website ( )

I can upload a photo of my prints eventually but unfortunately not on this computer!

I can’t wait to see if anyone knows more than I do about her! Thank you!


8 thoughts on “Win Hooper

  1. I have recently found 4 prints by Wim Hooper that my mother bought in Zimbabwe in 1992. They are wonderful scenes of food and flower markets, washing day, and basket weaving. They are water colours and I too would like to know more about the artist Jill

    • Hi Jill. Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you. Those prints sound lovely, interesting that she painted such a variety of subjects. I haven’t managed to find out anything about Win unfortunately… have you? Best wishes.

  2. I lived in Zimbabwe for 33 years and once had afternoon tea with Win Hooper. She invited me and 3 amateur artist friends to her home…..This was sometime in the 1980’s and I was in my forties and Win must have been in her seventies….
    She was a very popular artist in those days, watercolour mostly and nearly always flowers which she accomplished just with a few strokes of the brush.
    Try one of the Zimbabwe Art Gallery sites or Zimbabwe Archives….
    Hope this helps. Rita

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