SFP Exhibition Pieces

I have finally got my work back from the framers! Let me know your thoughts! So these are the 3 pieces I will be putting into the Society of Floral Painters exhibition in October. I’m getting really excited about it now…It seems like a long way away still and a long time to wait, but hopefully it’ll fly by! 



Just a quick post to update those who are interested on where I am at the moment! I’m back from the most wonderful trip to South Africa, where I got to do a lot less painting than I planned, as family committments overwhelmed! But an amazing trip nonetheless.

When I arrived back, I was greeted by a letter from the Society of Floral Painters, accepting me into their exhibition on the 21st October. This exhibtion is the ‘gateway’ to becoming a full member of the society. They only have openings once every couple of years, so I grasped the opportunity at quite late notice! So we shall see how that goes! I am rather excited about it. Unfortunately I don’t have time to paint anything ‘new’ for the exhibition, so I will be showing my Hydrangea, Bramble and a painting of an Iris.

That’s all for now!