Greens Colour Chart

A nice afternoon’s task, and something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, is create a greens colour chart. I’ve been told that it’s important, helpful, if not essential, for botanical illustration. I’ve been using it already, its stuck permanently on my art board for easy reference.


Note to self: find my camera to take half decent photos to post. 


Maple Leaf

The finished study of the Maple Leaf

Picked in Southampton Common, Hampshire on the 16th October 2013.

Completed 19th October 2013.

(Apologies for the poor quality – photograph taken on my iPhone)


Painting Again…


I know a true artist should be able to create anytime, anywhere. But I’ve struggled at university. A students’ desk is for studying, supposedly, and once my desk space is laid out for art, it stays that way. This has unfortunately meant that art has been sidelined for the last year, hence my hibernation from Petals and Paints.

But I’m back, and with a vengeance (here’s hoping).  Why now? Firstly this year I have more time. Both because the academic year is less structured, and because I am going to make time. I believe you can find the time to do anything you want,…if you really want to. My trick so far has been to get up 1 1/2 hours earlier each day (and that’s impressive for a student). A 6.30 alarm not only allows me to get more done in the day (I am a morning person), but also means that I’m satisfied that I’ve been productive before I’ve even left the house. I don’t paint in the mornings, but with less jobs to do, the evenings become ‘me time’.

Secondly, I’ve created an art space. This is really important for me, for my motivation and for my sanity (packing up and closing my art work every morning and evening is just too frustrating). Being a student, the only place that is truly our own is our bedroom, so student bedrooms have to be multi-functional.

Another cliché about student life: finances. My art space has been constructed from a bookshelf bought at a charity shop (shelves removed to allow it to be used more like a desk), with the shelves on each side for more workspace area. 8 medical text books hold it in place (you can see which part of my life has become a priority at the moment!).

I’m so excited to be able to be painting and creating again, and to be able to share my progress.