Society of Botanical Artists

I feel like I have a lot of news to share and catch up on. I’ve been accepted onto the Society of Botanical Artists Distance Learning Diploma: a big decision for me that has led me to take a year out of my medical studies. This started in January, lasts 27 months, and is considered a leading botanical illustration course, certainly within the UK. 

I received my package with all of the information, some materials, and a name badge! A super exciting day. 



Until June I am going to be balancing University with this Diploma. Assignment 1 started on January 1st 2014, and is due on the 28th February. There are 3 components: a simple line drawing (the kind that would be used prior to painting), a stippled drawing, and a full tonal pencil piece. 

Here is Part 1 (this is on tracing paper, I am yet to transfer to watercolour paper):



I am really looking forward to using the blog to document my progress on this Diploma for the next 2 years or so!



5 thoughts on “Society of Botanical Artists

  1. I’m a nurse and completed my Botanical Illustration Certificate from the North Carolina Botanical Gardens a couple of years ago. It was pure joy! I love field sketching with live flora best. Good luck!

  2. Congratulations! I have been commissioned to to some oversized botanical paintings and I’m a little nervous. I usually draw faces and painting flowers is much trickier. I’ll be checking out your blog for tips 😉

  3. Thank you for bravely sharing your sketch. This is something new to us, a botanical illustration correspondence course. It is like learning everything the best way. Self-taught with guidance. The format of a digital journal is incredibly plastic and accommodates all levels of cognition. Best wishes for a fruitful learning journey. — The Healing Garden gardener

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