Jasmine or Fern?

I’m still struggling with what to draw for my second assignment… If I sit at home and try and decide from scratch what my next subject will be I get absolutely nowhere. I need to be in a garden, or in a nursery, or just in nature to get inspiration.

People often try and give me ideas, and it never works (namely my Mother – love you, Mum) I get a feeling when I see the right flower or plant, I can’t really explain it.

This time is was a new nursery I discovered in the New Forest in Hampshire. I couldn’t make my decision there and then, and came home with a house Jasmine, and an interesting looking Fern.

I’ve had them a week and I still haven’t decided. In fact, I’ve started drawing the Jasmine and I’m still not sure I’ve made the decision, what do you think? Maybe I’ll have time to do both…







To all my wonderful followers,

I have created a Facebook Page!

I am staying here too, though. My plan is to keep my blog for longer posts such as step-by-step pictures of creating a full piece, and to use Facebook for quicker photo updates of work, as well as updates on my assignment marks and feedback etc. ‘Like’ the page if you wish.

I love sharing what I do, because of the support I get from you all, but mainly because I am opened up to a world of art and inspiration from your blogs themselves.

Love to all of you!

Helen x