Assignment 11 – Mixed Floral

A short post about my 11th Assignment for the Society of Botanical Artists Distance Learning Diploma.

My time working on the commission for Rebecca Cragg Floral Design meant that I had about a week to complete the assignment. It was extremely busy. I had all these plans about my mixed floral piece, but in the end I had to incorporate the sweet peas from the commission with a delphinium I had also started preparing.


Working on the delphinium drawings.

The delphinium was so beautiful, but as you might be able to imagine, a challenge to draw.


My workspace at the time.


As you might have read in my previous posts, I like to complete an ink drawing as well as a pencil drawing as part of my process. It aids the transfer from cartridge paper to watercolour paper, and also acts as a good reference image.

It was a matter of getting the job done.


Here you can see my initial underpainting in botanical grey, before I begin to add the layers of colour on top. This flower had a wonderful combination of vivid blues and delicate pinks in its petals.



Building the washes on the leaves. Detail yet to be applied.


The delphinium bloom, with the sweet peas growing around it.

Final Piece



The main comments from this piece, which I totally agree with, were that that the sweet peas needed to be stronger to stand up against the delphinium. I needed to increase the tones in both the flowers and the leaves. The tutor also commented that my work was a little too stylised. Again, I agree. This happens to my work when I don’t have the time to really look closely at my subject!

Here is the breakdown of my marks:

Choice of subject: 8.5
Line: 9
Form: 9.0
Tone: 8.0
Colour: 7.5
Composition: 7.5
Botanical accuracy: 8.4
Technique: 8.8
Presentation 8.5
Labelling: 8.5

Final Mark for assignment: 8.37

Thank you for reading!




4 thoughts on “Assignment 11 – Mixed Floral

  1. How wonderfully generous of you to share your process, your lovely finished work, and your tutor’s comments. Really gives me (and all your readers) an insider’s look at all that is entailed. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Juliana

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