I would love to hear from you! Whether for feedback, information on purchacing originals or prints, or anything else! I will consider commissions; if there is a particular subject you would like me to work on, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Please feel free to contact me on:


Facebook: Helen Cousins Botanical Artist




13 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I love your blog, Helen! Your illustrations are lovely. I especially like the dried hydrangea. I find so much inspiration and encouragement from seeing the work of other botanical artists. Have you exhibited your work? Best wishes, Jane

    • Thank you so much! I see you’ve just started as well – we’re both new to this then! I know what you mean about seeing others work, it really is nice to see what others are doing! I have exhibited, but only in very small, local exhibitions. How about you? Have you been painting long? Helen

      • I have painted ever since I can remember, and that is a long time! But until recently I was mainly working in book design, with some natural history illustration thrown in. Now that I am retired from a 9 to 5 job, I am taking painting more seriously. I have an awful lot to learn! I am having my first exhibition opening this Saturday – a group exhibition with a botanical theme. The other artists are extremely good, so it is all a little daunting! Jane

      • Ah wonderful! Good luck! It will be natural to have some nerves, but don’t be daunted – show your work with pride, from what I’ve seen you are incredibly talented – so show it off!! 🙂 Helen

  2. Dear Helen
    Thanks for calling by at my blog. I think your botanical paintings are fabulous. There appears a balance of scientific illustration with real artistry. From one medic to another … good luck on your journey.
    Best wishes

  3. I love your talent for details. I also believe you are very desciplined when drawing/painting? I think I’m more impatient which influence on the result of my works. The painting of the strawberry is fantastic – It made my mouth run full of water ;o)

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