Beetroot – Diploma Portfolio

The first piece that I painted for the Society of Botanical Artists Distance Learning Diploma Portfolio was of a beetroot. I was first struck by the colours in the leaves when I was at a local farmers market. One of the … Continue reading

Assignment 10 – Working from Photographs

Assignment 10 of the Society of Botanical Artists Distance Learning Diploma was entitled ‘Working from Photographs’. We were supposed to take our own photographs, and create a design in the form of a greetings card or poster. I do incorporate … Continue reading

Virginia Creeper

I have come home, back to Canterbury, for a nice long weekend. And, with little work to do Medicine wise, it was finally time for me to sit down and paint uninterrupted. I noticed the stunning colours in the Virginia Creeper that’s on my Mum’s drive, and so chose this as my subject. Although drawn by the colours… I have started with a study of an unchanged leaf, just to get to grips with the anatomy and get the feel of my paints again! I’ll keep up updating on both the study, and the final piece when I start!



Oh, and the smudge at the top right corner – the reason this became a study. That’s what happens when you have your paints too close to where you’re working… Accidently lean on paint, then lean on work. The worst feeling in the world, and why I usually ALWAYS lean on tracing paper!

Being spoilt….

I was thoroughly spoilt this weekend by my Mum. I got these amazing flowers through the post. When re-arranging them I thought the hydrangea on its own was so spectacular, I wanted it separate from the rest of the arrangement so I could admire it properly. So it’s in a separate vase and will be going by my bed.

This surprise has made me even more excited to see my parents when they come down for the exhibition – next weekend!


SFP Exhibition Pieces

I have finally got my work back from the framers! Let me know your thoughts! So these are the 3 pieces I will be putting into the Society of Floral Painters exhibition in October. I’m getting really excited about it now…It seems like a long way away still and a long time to wait, but hopefully it’ll fly by! 

Agapanthus in progress.

This is a piece that, again, I have been working on for a while. I was lucky enough to be invited on a wonderful holiday with one of my friends to Tresco, and island in the Isles of Scilly. A beautiful place, and in peak summer Agapanthus are in full bloom.

I decided that these would make a challenging, but wonderful subject. I started with a pencil drawing from life, and then made of copy with tracing paper using a fine ink pen. I like having an ink drawing, as well as the origninal drawing, on tracing paper as not only can I use the drawings again, but I can also superimpose them onto my work as I paint to ‘check’ that everything is going right! The photo is a crop of the entire composition, which includes the long stem, and I potentially may add in some leaves.

Below are two photos of the work in progress. I started with the stems, as I wanted to make sure that they were perfect before I moved onto the flowers and buds.

I hope you like it! I will upload more photos as I go.

Strawberry Study

Today I wanted to do a small study to keep me occupied during the Wimbledon Ladies Final! I chose a strawberry to keep with the Wimbledon theme. I remembered to take photos as I worked this time – but again, I apologise for the quality. I need to find a method of scanning inbetween taking photographs and getting a professional print! Anyway – here it is!

And then the final version of the study…